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One of the most consistent anglers on the Berkley BREAM Tour Tanya Konsul has a tournament CV thatís certainly impressive for someone whoís only been on the tour a few short years. A serial top ten finisher, and currently the number one ranked non boater (as of 4th June 2015), Tanya is as well travelled as non-boaters come Tanya doesnít just have eyes for bream though and loves to catch anything that swims.

Name, age, and Location
Tanya Konsul aka Tani. Canberra, ACT .

How long have you been fishing ABT events
Since 2013

Greatest achievement in tournament angling
In my first year of competing in the ABT Bream Series as a non boater I placed 4th at Gippsland Victoria, 8th at Derwent River Tasmania and 10th at Gold Coast Queensland, I had never fished any of these locations prior to these tournaments. My 4th place at Gippsland gave me automatic qualification to the 2013 grand final in my first year. My most current achievement and proudest accomplishment would have to be being ranked first in the Austackle Bream Rankings as a non boater.

Preferred tournament species

Favourite tournament location
Mallacoota, but Sydney Harbour is not far behind as I do love fishing structure.

Your go to technique
I like using hard bodies on edges and structure. I vary my technique depending on the location.

Your favourite lure
Jackall Chubby, but Iím loving the Daiwa Spikes and the very popular Cranka Crabs at the moment.

Your most feared competitor
Currently the inform Grayson Fong

What, if any, sponsors do you have
At present Lowrance and Tonic eyewear

How many days a month do you fish
4 to 5 days, would love to do more but canít due to work commitments

How much a year would you spending on tournament tackle
Too much, however if I average it out approx $150 a week

Dream fishing Location
I have many to list, however New Zealand fishing for Trout, Kings & Snapper. Another place would be PNG fishing for black Bass.

Most embarrassing moment in a tournament
My first round at Mallacoota 2013 I was asked to use the electric motor by my boater, issue was I had never use one before and had no idea what to do. Once I sorted this issue out my appreciation on how hard it can be to use it while fishing and positioning the boat so both people can fish.

Favourite place to eat on the road
Oliverís Real Food Ė central coast

How many tournament donuts have you had to eat
I think 3 or 4

1 outfit, 1 lure, 1 location
Millerod Control Freak 7ft 3-5kg, Cranka Crab, Mallacoota VIC

The tournament moment that broke your heart
Double Donut in 2013 my first round in the ABT

Superstitions and rituals
New hooks on lures every tournament.

Hardest venue
Shoalhaven River

Dream fishing companion
Warren Carter or Steve Starling

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